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STATE Festival Foundation gGmbH
Prinzenstrasse 103, 10969 Berlin, Germany
+49 30 893 985 80


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We are an independent group of scientists, creatives and cultural professionals who want to contribute their part to change the way we think and do science: open, collaborative and interdisciplinary.

Program team

Christian Rauch

Daniela Silvestrin
Curator Exhibition & Performances

Pablo Rojas
Curator Conference

Vena Ward
Curator Film

Teresa Dillon
Curator Workshops & Interactives

Katharina Meyer
PopUp Lab

Press & Marketing

Julio Brandl

Samantha Wareing
Press & Communications

Maria Manuel Nunes
Social Media



Sibylle Kerlisch

Florian Tietze
Technical Production

Veronika Natter
Production & Partnerships

Aino Onia
Production Assistant
(Workshops & Interactives)

Katerina Michailidi
Production Assistant (Exhibition & Performances)

Lindsay Petley-Ragan
Production Assistant (Conference)

Johanna Karstila
Hospitality Management

Robert Wöstenfeld
Volunteer Coordinator

Tobias Pieper


Martin Wunderer
Art Direction, Design

Johanna Dreyer
Art Direction, Design

Katharina Weiß
Art Direction, Design

Isabel Prugger
Exhibition Design