Exhibition & Performances

The festival’s exhibition and performance program presents a range of artists working beyond the mere conception of art as evoking emotions and emotional responses. Blurring the lines between artistic and scientific research, the artists, scientists, experimental philosophers, researchers, self-proclaimed “Dasein-alchemists”, and DIY-tinkerers who have created the festival’s installations, performances and interventions deeply engage with cutting edge research in the affective sciences, related techno-scientific developments, and their various actual or possible implications on society and culture:

Zooming into the visual elements of the biochemistry of lacrimal fluids — speculating about the possibility or possible necessity of altering our perception through artificial emotional extensions — confronting us with clashes between culturally induced and seemingly inborn emotional reactions — experimentally approaching the so-called “affective touch hypothesis” — testing our gastroenteric intelligence — ironically quantifying relationships — engaging in computational electro-facial choreography — bringing AIs into discussion about the authenticity of feelings — tracking and tracing facial micro-expressions — deconstructing the emotional stability of artificial life’s bodily integrity — teaching robots how to be a dancer.