To quote Sergei Eisenstein „Emotion is a phenomenon that is completely identical with the primary phenomenon of cinema“ and what is cinema but the art of putting in motion human emotions?

Beyond the complex cognitive experience film viewing offers, we all have a personal relationship with films that can deeply impact and transform our psyche and emotional realm. This filmic intimacy can broader our horizon, allowing us to feel and embody emotions that in reality would be difficult either to experience or express. These stories told on a silver screen can connect us to each other in the darkness of a theater or connect us to ourselves in our laptop's glimmering light. Through impactful storytelling, our film program will convey an emotional arch that span from the pursue of happiness to isolation and social anxieties to a reflection upon how do we still connect to one another when devices are the middle man and sentient A.I no longer part of a dystopian sci-fi landscape but closer to our reality that we might have think of? Because at the end of the day, in every story told in the dark, therein lies feelings and emotions we all share.

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