Workshop and Interactive

The Workshop and Interactive programme provides STATE audience the opportunity to go deeper into the working realities, limitations, potentials and challenges of computational emotion by experiencing first hand, cutting edge art, research and experimentation.

Hosted by Teresa Dillon & Aino el Solh the floor is constructed as a menu of activities and encounters, split over four zones: workshop, speaker lounge, gallery and Smell Lab.

Each space offers the opportunity to explore how technically mediated emotional devices and platforms are constructed. Focusing on the why, what, how and for whom these technologies serve. Highlighting trends in emotional mapping, sensory complexities, emotional taxonomies, algorithmic bias, soft interfaces and new materialities, our programme addresses the playful, ethical and critical. By linking the history of computation, robotics and human machine interaction, to our current trends and concerns around AI and automation.

Across the programme workshops, talks, poetry readings, art works, and playful escapades, aim at questioning our human-centric view of emotion by offering a slightly messier and fuzzier cushion onto which we place the complexities of our hybrid, sentient worlds.

Within each zone you will find:

Workshop: realized with our partner Futurium, the workshop zone provides space for 50 participants to directly engage with the various topics.

Speaker lounge: provides a conversational area in which researchers, poets, academics and artists discuss and present their ideas and works. 

Gallery: hosts works resulting from the PopUp Lab by Futurium and STATE, 27-28 Oct, Berlin and RCA, London Information Experience Design, 3-week course on de-computating emotion.  

Smell Lab: Join Spectrum's SMELL LAB and olfaction research group for daily aerobic sessions, in which your sweat will be collected, so you can sniff and find your future date.