+++++++++UPDATE: Deadline extended! ++++++++++++

Open Call for Entries

Call opens: 19.7.2016 — Call ends: 19.8.2016*
All applicants will be informed by the end of September, 2016.

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Are you a scientist working in the field of emotions research, artificial emotional intelligence or affective sciences? Does your artwork reflect on the topic of human emotions, exploring the relation to our inner most feelings? Does the result of your creative work or project provide a unique approach to this year's festival theme that you want to share with the public? Are you interested in expanding the societal dialogue in your field and promote interdisciplinary collaboration? 

STATE Festival invites scientists, artists, thinkers, makers, innovators and creative professionals from both academic and non-academic background to submit their most compelling work on the topic of Emotions to our open call for entries. We are looking for pieces of work and research from local and international actors willing to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and reflect the impact of science on society. We aim to present relevant insights into the current state of the scientific research on the topic, challenge existing (mis)conceptions and seek to inspire critical reflection. Submitted contributions should show a high degree of reflection on this year's festival theme and provide potential for engaging a larger audience. 

Topics we are specifically interested in include, but are not limited to:

  • The science of emotion: evolutionary origins, reason and affect, gender aspects, empathy, evolution, societal role, decision making, personal relevance, sensory aspects of emotions
  • Affective computing
  • Affective surveillance and emotion tracking
  • Robot emotions
  • Affective neuro-enhancement
  • Affective economy

Who can submit?

Proposals can be submitted by individuals or teams, both academic and non-academic, with original contributions related directly to the festival topic. 


How are proposals selected?

All submitted entries are evaluated by our curatorial program team, who will the most suitable works to be presented in the context of the main program of the festival. We aim to create a rich and diverse program regarding affiliation, discipline, gender, age, geographic location and expertise, including both traditional and non-traditional approaches. 

What kind of works can be submitted?

Submitted works must address the thematic scope of festival topic and present original work. Submissions are possible in all festival formats including, but not limited to, scientific talks, artistic works (installations, interventions, media-art, etc.), workshop formats, interactive and open science formats (citizen science projects, etc.), performances (audio-visual, dance, music, etc.). Cooperative works between different disciplines are encouraged, but not required. 

How can you submit?

Entries have to be submitted through our online submission platform.