Curious Minds Network

In the wake of the growing relevance and public availability of scientific research, the role and identity of science and scientists in society is changing. New actors start to contribute to the scientific process: citizen scientists, creative technologists, makers, entrepreneurs, and artists. Public participation, interdisciplinary collaboration and creative experimentation are flourishing and growing in relevance in order to create meaning and context. STATE Festival is a breeding ground for this dynamic new scene of curious minds that bridge disciplines in order to explore and challenge the boundaries of present knowledge and shape ideas for our future.

As a growing international platform for supporting and showcasing interdisciplinary art and science projects and connecting the open science community, we want to help provide opportunities to those active in the field and present the exciting initiatives and the people behind it to a larger audience. In order to do so, we launched the Curious Minds Network. Regardless of whether you are a researcher, artist, entrepreneur, citizen scientist, maker, developer or general science enthusiast: if you are working on interdisciplinary projects at the intersection of science, technology, art and society, and want to become part of an expanding international community of likeminded people, STATE Festival's Curious Minds Network is for you.

As a member of the network, you will be the first to hear about new projects and initiatives before we launch them and be contacted you for specific opportunities individually. These include: 

  • open calls for works
  • contribution opportunities at events and conferences
  • showcase opportunities on our website, at our events and with our partners
  • project pitches 
  • freelance opportunities and job openings
  • individual matchmaking requests out of the network