Living Canvas – Speculative Prototype


Living Canvas

Duration: 1.11.2018 - 31.4.2019

Speculative design development project exploring the role of algae-biofilm technology for future sustainable development

Video by youmeokay

Fara Peluso and STATE Studio worked with Solaga – a Berlin-based biotech startup which specializes in the development of innovative solutions for air filtrations and regenerative energy production based on algae biofilms. With the help of technical product developer Jaqueline Mülller and the support of the Solaga team, Peluso re-contextualized this innovative biotechnology into a speculative design object. The artistic research project placed a growing algae biofilm into a canvas-sized glass frame equipped with light and irrigation, transforming it into a living wall painting.

The project comprised an exhibition opening, a three month exhibition period as part of Field Experiments and two Algature Workshops lead by the artist.

Role: Concept development, partner acquisition, fundraising, legal and organizational frameworks, organization of prototype development, interaction concept, exhibition, press and communication

The project was developed in collaboration with Solaga and was supported by innogy Foundation for Energy and Society. Special thanks to Jacqueline Müller, Daniela Berglehn, Andrea Familari and Stefanie Greimel.




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