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Where would film be without time – the fourth dimension that grants movement to otherwise static pictures? Exclusively for STATE OF TIME, Imagine Science Films has assembled a series of cinematic inquiries: From scientists trapped in time loops, the fragmentation of memory, and the mysterious powers of time-lapse to the age of mountains and the universe, the program will feature a full roster of short films and features illustrating the many layered meanings of the concept of “time”.

Curated by Imagine Science Films

This Modern Earth

Short film selection, 38min

28.10., 19.30 - 20.10

A short survey of modernity, of the present moment in time, and of humankind's complicated relationship with the world around us.


The Creeping Garden

Feature film, 81min
(European Premiere)

28.10., 21.00 - 22.20

A real life science fiction movie exploring a world creeping right beneath our feet, where time and space are magnified and intelligence redefined. 


Entropy & Decay

Short film selection, 65min

29.10., 19.00-20.00

Time changes all things, from the slowly collapsing detritus of civilization, to the cauliflower forgotten in the back of the fridge. 


Future History

Short film selection, 53min

29.10., 20.30 - 21.25

The program culminates in an irreverent time-spanning life story of a single species, from the dawn of life, to the end of human existence on earth.

Time, Space & Mind

Short film selection, 60min

29.10., 22.00 - 23.00

Time colors all of our perceptions and all of the workings of our minds. 



Macrocinema Installation

Film installation

Different ways of seeing reveal different worlds.

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