Berlin's Festival for Open Science, Art, and Society. STATE Festival is a breeding ground for a dynamic new scene of curious minds that bridge disciplines in order to explore and challenge the boundaries of present knowledge and shape ideas for our future.


STATE Festival creates a meeting point for science and the public, where scientific inquiry meets artistic expression. It is a unique platform that integrates science, technology, and culture to explore key transformational changes in society and business. Deeply rooted in our conviction about the power of interdisciplinary creativity and open participation, we connect curious minds across borders and lean into the future to seize the opportunities brought about by future innovation.


Previous Editions


The 2014 edition of STATE Festival, STATE OF TIME, brought together international scientists, artists and cultural dwellers for four days in October 2014 to Berlin to celebrate scientific ideas and artistic expression. The unifying theme: Time. What exactly constitutes time? What, if anything, does time even measure?

Under the title STATE OF EMOTION – The Sentimental Machine, the 2016 festival dealt with the scientific and technological breakthroughs at the interface between emotional research and artificial intelligence as well as their social implications and possible future developments.




STATE has been founded in 2014 by Dr. Christian Rauch out of Berlin-based Paul-Drude-Institute for Solid State Electronics.

In 2014, the first festival edition, STATE of Time, was organized. In 2016, the second major edition, STATE of Emotion – The Sentimental Machine, followed - this time featuring not only the 2-days main event but also a range of satellite activities around Berlin. In 2017, STATE Festival went to the US to start its first international activities with a one-month Pop-Up Studio in downtown Los Angeles on the topic of Artificial Intelligence.

From November 2018, STATE finds a permanent home with the newly opening gallery and event space STATE Studio in Berlin. In partnership with Wissenschaft im Dialog, the art science gallery hosts the exhibition laboratory Field Experiments, presenting an array of works ranging from breakthrough technologies to scientific discoveries that will shape our future.

In addition to this, STATE collaborates with partners from research and industry to concept and realize novel communication formats at the intersection of science, art and society.