Snap the Future @Open Lab

Schedule: Sat, 29th, 12:00 – 18:00 (Workshop at 16:00 sharp).
With: Leon Krenz

During the "Open Lab Day", the PopUpLabor is open to the public to introduce co-creations, creatives and last but not least the Reallabor itself (Futurium project). Prototypes are being displayed, there will be the opportunity to tackle design challenges collaboratively.

And above that, we have a fantastic Workshop happening, facilitated bei Leon Krenz: SNAP THE FUTURE!(Bring you phone!!!): " How will life look like in a few years time - or more? In an open workshop, participants will use Snapchat to explore possible answers to this question. They´ll build their own ideas about the future as well as approaches for upcoming problems,and iterate them as snapstory. We´ll use the latest forecast from institutional and private trend and future research as impulse. Results will be reviewed and discussed collaberatively". To register please write to:

Montebelo MW