Florian Dohmann (YQP Art Collective)

Florian Dohmann is a technologist and one third of the artist collective YQP from Berlin & NY. Besides YQP Florian works as a data and technology consultant at The unbelievable Machine Company (*um). He is an IBM disciple, tech speaker, data hacker and guest lecturer at several universities such as the University of Arts in Berlin.

The artist collective YQP consists of Maximilian Hoch, Florian Dohmann and Manuel Urbanke. In their work the group reflects on topics of our time and blends technology with interactive storytelling. Political and philosophical issues such as the value of labor, digital privacy and artificial intelligence are subject of their art experiments. Their goal is always to spark discussion.

About their current project:

Every day artificial intelligence breaks new records and surpasses more and more human capabilities.  But can artificial intelligence be truly intelligent when it comes to art? To address this question, the painter Roman Lipski and the digital art collective YQP collaborated on the first project of its kind.

“Unfinished One” is an attempt to create a truly artistic intelligence; It’s the first AI that inspires, challenges, and provokes the artist, just like a muse.



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