Gamut Inc

Gamut Inc is an ensemble for custom-made computer driven mechanical music-machines, founded by computer-musician Marion Wörle and composer Maciej Sledziecki. Their machines produce acoustic sounds, but are controlled via computer. They explore in depth the interaction of electronic and instrumental music. Gamut Inc´s focus lies in sonic textures - for that purpose they have developed specialized live-control software, that allows playing techniques not accessible for human performers. The music circles around noisy drones and rhythmic-harmonic patterns, sound phenomena as well as the different ambiguities of computer-driven acoustic sound production.

Their growing instrumentarium consists at the moment of a noise generator, built of multiplied cabasas, a pitch-shifting timpani with multiple solenoid beaters and a miniature carillon: a glockenspiel-like instrument, which metal bars are hit on different position by computer-controlled solenoids. The Physharmonica again is an accordion-like instrument, equipped with a wind machine, solenoids and motors which allow continuous modulation of tone and air-flow. The BowJo is based on a traditional Banjo, expanded by a bottleneck-type linear actuator, electro-magnetic string drivers and motorized plectra.

Besides gamut Inc´s music, that has been presented throughout Europe, Marion Wörle and Maciej Sledziecki initialize and organize larger formats: recent projects include themusic-robot festival WIR SIND DIE ROBOTER, the AVANT AVANTGARDE festival (a travel in time to experimental music before the 20th century) as well as music-theatre works like ONE MORE PIONEER that deals with the relation of human and technology.

Photo © Christoph Voy

Photo © Christoph Voy

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