Emily L. Spratt

Emily L. Spratt is the Chief Curator of the AICAN Art Collection and a researcher in the Art and AI Laboratory at Rutgers. Trained as an art historian at Princeton, UCLA, and Cornell, her current research as it relates to computer science explores the philosophical implications of the use of vision technology to interpret and generate art. In the spring of 2016, Spratt taught the pioneering course “Preserving the Past in the Digital Age: Art, Artifice, and Artificial Intelligence” at Rutgers in the Department of Art History and the Program in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies, where she has taught as a visiting lecturer. Spratt also teaches courses in Byzantine and Renaissance art, museum studies, and heritage management, and has experience working at the Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens, the Benaki Museum, the former Hellenic Ministry of Culture, and the Frick Collection. Spratt is the curator of the exhibition Unhuman: Art in the Age of AI, which will take place in Los Angeles and Frankfurt in October of 2017.