When artists and scientists meet – Artistic research, approaches and endeavors in the scientific world


This panel will examine the similarities, differences, and intersections of art and scientific research. Closely related throughout history, the two disciplines were separated only a few centuries ago. To this day, however, questions about life, the universe, nature, and our ability to manipulate and shape our environment are not limited to one discipline. These questions are as scientific as they are cultural and philosophical. During this panel discussion, artists and scientists will talk about their experience collaborating on various interdisciplinary projects.

Visual artist Jenny Michel studied graphic arts and fine arts at kunsthochschule kassel, where she graduated in 2005. using a wide range of media, she creates installations with a theoretical/philosophical background, while her approach is often marked by scientific methodology.

Dr. Barbara Stracke studied astro- and geophysics in Heidelberg, Cologne, and Berlin. In her scientific work she focuses on extrasolar planets with a primary interest in their habitability. She works at the Institute of Planetary Research at the German Aero- space Center (DlR).

Alistair McClymont received his MA in sculp- ture from the Royal College of Art in 2005. His demonstrative and experimental works have been exhibited at the Art House Foun- dation london, Wyer Gallery london, and la Triennale de Milano, amongst others, and are part of permanent collections at Gibberd Garden and Credit Agricole.

luca Pozzi, Milan-based visual artist and cultural mediator, has a degree in pain- ting from the Academy of Milan. His work,
in collaboration with scientists, explores quantum gravity, teleportation, time travel, cosmology, and biodiversity, resulting in a series of hybrid installations: magnetized sculptures, levitating objects, light drawings, and photographs.

Dr. Daniele Oriti is an Italian senior researcher and group leader at the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute) in Potsdam. His research focuses on quantum gravity and the yet-to-be-found theory of space and time, while studying their impact on cos- mology by combining theories from general relativity and quantum mechanics.