About time: From Einstein‘s simplest idea to the ends of spacetime

About a 100 years ago, Einstein’s theories of relativity revolutionized our way of thinking. From a simple question – How do you compare two clocks in different locations? – Ein- stein developed a completely new view of space and time. Time, once thought to be immutable and linear, turns out to be changeable. It can be slowed down, or even come to an apparent stop, at the horizon of a black hole. This talk reviews the basics of relativistic time, exploring both what physicists do and do not know. 

Dr. Markus Pössel studied astrophysics and relativity at the Albert Einstein Institute in Potsdam. After working for the 2008 World Science Festival in new york, he became mana-

ging scientist of the Centre for Astronomy Education and Outreach “Haus der Astro- nomie“ and head of outreach at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg.