Science Hack Day drop-in workshop: Hacking Time

Claudine Chen, Brian Degger, Michael Meinel, Giulia Paparo, Ramin Soleymani


A growing movement of citizen scien- tists and science hackers are bringing science out of the ivory tower and into kitchens, garages, and hacker- spaces around the world. Stop by this workshop to learn about open science and the D.I.y. movement, meet science hackers, and check out the latest hacks from our partner event Science Hack Day Berlin. Take part in a D.I.y. experiment on time perception, learn about and build your own mechanical clock, and visualize the fourth dimen- sion in re-rendered video.

Dr. Claudine Chen is interested in sharing science in intuitive ways. Her research as a data scientist has touched on various topics, from materials for solar cells and atmos- pheric chemistry and physics to climate policy. She currently works on the economics of climate change.

Dr. Brian Degger is an art and science practi- tioner with a PhD in molecular biotechnology. In collaboration with artists and technologists, he uses scientific and open source methodo- logies to explore diverse research areas such as bacterial cultivation and fermentation, accessible science technology, aquatic eco- logies, and open source science. He is the co-founder of the newcastle Maker Space, uk, a place for the creative use of technology.

Michael Meinel is a passionate software engineer who enjoys lending his expertise
to projects from different science domains. He is fluent in many different scientific dialects as spoken by mathematicians, physicists, chemists, engineers, and he enjoys organizing cool events. He works at the German Aerospace Center (DlR) in Berlin.

Giulia Paparo is a philosopher of science, working at the intersection of philosophy and physics, She enjoys enthusing people about the philosophical meaning of science and the scientific use of philosophy.

Ramin Soleymani is a freelance software developer and media artist. He is a former computer science researcher, now firmly embedded in the open education and hacking culture of Berlin.

Photo © Jörg Weiss 

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