In Memory | A Mother’s Journey Through Death And Grieving In The Digital Age

72U / 11'19 / USA / 2015

In Memory tells the story of a community's digital journey through the life, death and remembrance of Plain White Tom, a Chicago street performer who tragically took his life on January 1, 2013.

Production Credits
Agency/Production Company: 72U
Executive Producer: Becca Purice, Maria Scileppi
Producer: Karen Oliveros, Erika Ruiz Clemente
Story: Ben Snell, David Saldoff
Cinematographer / DP: Jeremy Eichenbaum
Art Director: Clare Jensen, Isiaiah Clayborne, Sofia Sanchez
Editor: Thomas MacVicar

Director's Bio
72U is a creative residency designed to open people up to new ways of thinking, collaborating, and tackling modern communication problems.

Montebelo MWFilm Program I