"Jymmin" is a combination of "jamming" and "gym", a mixture of free musical improvisation and sports. Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig retrofitted conventional fitness machines to produce music during a workout. When using jymmin machines, gym-goers become composers, controlling the music they create. Dr. Tom Fritz, the project’s leader explains, ”We are using jymmin machines in our research in order to discover more about the beneficial effects of music-induced ecstasy.”

The results recorded by the Leipzig-based researchers show that musical fitness equipment responding to user movements reduced physical exertion during exercise, and improves mood to a far greater extent than passive music listening. When research participants began their workout on the jymmin machines they retained their good mood, even after the second workout during which they listened to music passively.

Thus, the current study suggests that the technique may be suitable for mood-enhancing self therapy. "As a result," continues Fritz, "we now want to investigate how we can use music to treat such conditions as motivational deficits and depression."

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