Charles Willcoks / 03'49 / UK / 2016

Tergo cleans. He cleans up after you and me. He picks up the mess we discard but still remains invisible to all around him. Tergo's a lost soul in the London urban machine. He's ready to leave the life he leads behind.

Production Credits
Director: Charles Willcocks
Director of photography: Jack Homan
Music: Tom Le Bon
Animators: Alan Serra, Chau Han Xiang, Patrick Semple
Lead compositor: John Sellings
A film by: Pallas Pictures

Director's Bio
Charles Willcocks is a Filmmaker and 3D Artist working in the advertising industry in London. A background in Fine Art and a Masters Degree in 3D Animation led Charles into the VFX industry and then onto a digital advertising agency.
Charles moved into directing with ’Tergo’, which led to the foundation of Pallas Pictures. Pallas have currently released 5 shorts and are in pre-production on their next VFX based project, Harvest – a modern gothic horror set in Yorkshire in the North of England.