Curious Minds #2: Algae Cooking Class & Dinner

We are happy to announce the second Curious Minds event, an algae-cooking-class and dinner experience with powerfood expert and author Kirstin Knufmann ("Algen", PureRaw). With an introduction to the algae theme by artist Fara Peluso ("Living Canvas", currently on display at STATE Studio). Come together and dive into future possibilities of sustainable options for global food supply and examine the economic and creative potential of algae for a tasty and green future.


18.00 - 18.30: Arrival

18.30 - 18.45: Get together, incl. Welcomedrink

18.45 - 19.30: Introduction to the theme, introduction and teamfinding/ Artist Introduction by Fara Peluso for Living Canvas

19.30 - 21.30: Preparation, cooking and dining together with Kirstin Knufmann. Time for questions & information exchange during the experience.

21.30 - 22.00 Snack/dessert, conclusion, conversations

22:00 - End

About Curious Minds

As part of the Curious Minds project and event series, photographer & STATE Studio co-founder Veronika Hubert Natter, invites one of her “Curious Minds” sitters – designer and artist Fara Peluso – to host the 2nd workshop. The Curious Minds are currently on display at the STATE Studio. The idea of the event series is the possibility to engage in the practice and visions of the artists, bringing the network closer and expanding the world of the curious minds.
Photocredit: Veronika Hubert Natter

Christian Rauch