STATE of Longevity

Launching in 2018

Although advances in modern medicine have increased life expectancy and delayed aging related symptoms ever since the 19th century, significant interventions in the aging process have so far been impossible. This might change soon. Driven by new possibilities in genetics and biotechnology, exciting new achievements are being published on a staggering rate.

How should we imagine a hypothetical future world of eternal youth? How do we intend to deal with the emerging technical possibilities, driven by pioneering discoveries of basic research?


The longing for immortality is as old as mankind itself. Our life, like that of all biological organisms, is characterized by transience. Birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, age, death: driven by the progressive development of our body, we pass our lives until progressing decay caused by the aging process inevitably leads to a natural death.

People have always dreamed of delaying or even preventing this process. Countless myths spring from this desire. The immortal life, eternal youth, represents the final utopia of mankind.


STATE will explore the subject of human longevity, drawing on the latest discoveries in longevity and aging research while tracking ground-breaking scientific advances in rapidly developing fields such as biotechnology, molecular biology, genetic engineering and artificial intelligence as well as resulting technological possibilities that may trigger fundamental societal and economic shifts.