Smell Lab

Olfaction Researchers

Established in 2015 the Smell Lab, Berlin is a collective of artists, designers, scientists and those working in and between these fields of practice.

The group focuses on scent and olfaction as a medium for art, science, and technology, expression and experimentation. Since its inception, the group has created interactive installations in which the visitors become not only observers, but also participants in the work.

Taking this approach, the Smell Lab creates an atmosphere that encourages communication among and between its audience, which feeds back into the group’s own progress and development.

The Smell Lab collective are Mareike Bode, Daria Chesnokova, Dimitri Cacouris, Max Joy, Sheraz Khan, Alanna Lynch, Eeva-Liisa Puhakka, Klara Ravat and Chaveli Sifre.

Photo @ Andre Wunstorf

Photo @ Andre Wunstorf