Valery Vermeulen

Dr. Valery Vermeulen is electronic musician, music producer, mathematician, new media artist, author and visiting professor at Erasmus University College in Brussels where he teaches on multimedia art and technology. In 2001 he obtained a Phd in pure mathematics at the Ghent University (Belgium) conducting ground breaking research in the field of algebraic group theory. Between 2001 and 2005 Vermeulen worked at the Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music (IPEM, Ghent University) on a research project focusing on the link between music and emotions. Meanwhile he started writing and recording music in my his own production studio.

Since 2003 Vermeulen has been working on various interactive multimedia projects where the man machine interaction plays a central role. Topics in his work cover a broad range of disciplines including creative evolutionary systems, generative art, algorithmic sound and image generation, affective computing, artificial intelligence, econometrics, sound design, data sonification and music production. As examples of his recent projects we can mention EMO-Synth, Krystal Ball and Mikromedas. With the EMO-Synth project Vermeulen's work is situated in the area of interactive multimedia systems where automatically generated sound and music systems are directed by the emotional responses of the user (more info at: In the Krystal Ball project, an interactive multimedia system where the mechanisms that caused the financial credit crisis, stochastic and algorithmic music generation and the work of pioneer I. Xenakis play a central role. With his most recent project entitled Mikromedas (more info at focus is set on the innovative uses of data from space and deep space as new tools form music composition and performance. Vermeulen's installations and performances have been widely shown in Belgium as well as abroad.

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