Anna Pilipenko

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Ania Pilipenko was born in Krasnodar / Russia in 1984. After she finished her law studies she moved to Berlin in 2006, where she got engage with Berlins alternative community around Bar25. She is co-founder of the Holzmarkt project. Since 2013 she has been engaged as the Chairman of the 'Cooperative for Urban Creativity' (Genossenschaft für urbane Kreativität, GuK), which involves investors and philanthropists to enable the development and construction of the Holzmarkt village in Berlin. She is co-initiator of the European network of City Makers – re:kreators and founder of the 'Players of Change' conference – a platform to represent and support creative urban projects and sustainable ideas for city spaces in Berlin. Since 2014 Ania Pilipenko has been a member of the jury for the promotion of the independent performing artist scene and theater by the Senate Administration and State Secretary for Culture.