Friedemann Karig

Fri. 04.11, 16:00-16:30
Floor 0: Bookshop

"To let go each other to get back together again – this is the highest form of love”, say Paul and Jelena. That is why they try out what is known as an “open relationship”. With all its pain. With all its luck. With two children. Without a happy end. This form of love seems theoretically well investigated in these days of all possibilities. Sociologists like Eva Illouz have considered the economization of relationships. Sexual scientists like Volkmar Sigusch have written about various “neo-sexualities”. However, what are all the other people doing outside there? If we go and meet them more or less there “where it hurts” (like Friedemann Karig did to write this book), we will experience love that does not correspond to any theories. Karig tells the reader about men who are urgently longing for relationships and families, in contrary to all prejudices. About women who demand the maximum of liberty, without any ideological superstructure. About love that breathes freely. And about love that dies from all this self-discovery. On Friday we will have the occasion to hear the first extracts from a book that will only be published on Valentine’s Day – STATE tuned.

Friedemann Karig was born near Freiburg and has studied a mixture of media sciences, sociology, politics and macroeconomics in Passau and Cologne. In the meantime and afterwards, he was working as a futurologist, a journalist, a horse whisperer, a gastronome and a DJ in Berlin, Barcelona and Bali. Today he is based in Munich and Berlin and concentrates on talking, reading and writing.