Philipp Rahlenbeck and Hands On Sound


The façade projection Tides explores nature’s rhythm, including our own biological clocks. What triggers our activity or inactivity? When do we feel in-sync with our environment, and when do we feel rushed and exhausted? Hyper-connected, it’s become increasingly difficult to escape the ticking master clock to follow our own innate ebbs and flows.

Philipp Rahlenbeck is an esoteric experience architect with a background in interac- tion design, software development, and programming. He is founder of Multitouch Berlin, a studio for multi-user experiences, and co-founder of letters Are My Friends, a typography store and showroom. 

hands on sound is a Berlin-based acoustic scenography studio. Founded by a sound designer and an architect, the team develops progressive sound installations, interactive exhibits, sound concepts, and acoustic guidance systems for museums, galleries and public space.