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Imperial Valley Opening

When: 28 June, 2019
Where: STATE Studio, Hauptstraße 3, 10827 Berlin

Lukas Marxt investigates in his work the dissection between a world interfered with and designed by humans over the natural order. The artist and filmmaker invites us to bear witness of an anthropocentric environment driven by exploitation and corporate interests but what are the consequences of human action for the ecosystem and how real are these landscapes we artificially create?

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Farming the Uncanny Valley

Work-in-progress exhibition of the artistic research project Farming the Uncanny Valley, exploring the future of bioeconomics in the context of social acceptance using experience prototypes. With works from Natsai Audrey Chieza, Clemens Winkler, Paul Ferragut, Ann-Kristin Abel, Łukasz Stopczynski, Stefan Schwabe and Jannis Hülsen.

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