Time Confessions

Pedro Jardim, Alice Grindhammer, Alexa Clay


Time assumptions are woven into the cultures of economic life. They animate everything from product lifecycles, waste management, and finance and tech entrepreneurship to how we organize people and com- munities. This panel and discussion will explore the bias of mechanized time, while exploring new possible “time regimes” inspired by meta-perspec- tives of deep space, as well as local, informal, and self-organized systems. Starting with our own time confes- sions, we will engage in a discussion on how we hack our own experiences of time and engage in shifting the time assumptions of our systems.

Alexa Clay, a former poet and philosopher, is the co-author of The Misfit Economy and founder of Wisdom Hackers, an incubator for life’s burning questions.

As a business developer, Alice Audrey Grind- hammer has traveled to the fringes of global markets to implement waste management processes in extreme environments. With Wasteland Projects she establishes interdis- ciplinary circular economy processes and teaches communities to self-organize and find solutions for the global waste crisis.

Pedro Jardim researches self-organization and collaboration in online and offline com- munities. He is interested in methodologies of facilitation and approaches to fostering cultures of collaboration, sustainability, and a more evenly distributed society. 


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