Das Fremde

A colony of robotic agents peacefully creates its own language when their culture is disrupted by another species: human beings. Can we connect empathically to them and is a dialogue possible when both languages and appearance are totally different? Das Fremde will take the form of an interactive installation mid November 2016. For now, this project makes its very first public appearance at STATE Festival in the form of a portrait presenting the species. When getting closer to the exhibited image, one can hear recorded conversations that took place between the robotic agents a couple weeks before in Tokyo.

Full project: http://www.dasfremde.world 

Artist credits: Concept & Realisation: Michael Spranger & Stéphane Noël

AI programming: Michael Spranger

Graphic Design: Klaus Stille Studio

Production: Stéphane Noël for Association Snowhell (Lausanne, CH)

Made with the support of Migros Cultural Percentage, Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art & Canton de Vaud