It's complicated

Maya Meiri / 18' / Israel / 2015

It's Complicated is a personal film about a Facebook relationship between the director and a married man whose identity is unknown to the viewer. It is a bittersweet portrait of lives that have become virtualised.

Production Credits
Director: Maya Meiri
Script: Maya Meiri
Producer: Amir Tausinger, Hila Shitrit
Cinematographer: Maya Meiri, Facebook guy
Executive Producer: Yaron Fishman

Director's Bio
Maya Meiri is a director and cinematographer living in Tel Aviv. She directed documentaries and fictional short films that were screened on television and at film festivals worldwide. If she wasn't making films she would probably be a pilot, or something else that makes her feel closer to the sky.
In collaboration with Proxyact

Montebelo MWFilm Program I