Eran May-Raz, Daniel Lazo / 07'49 / Israel / 2012

In this short, futuristic film by Eran May-Raz and Daniel Lazo, we find out what it means to live in augmented reality, where everything from the art hanging on the walls to the reactions of the date sitting across the table are displayed in a contact lens-like device for our own eyes only.

Production Credits
Directors: Eran May-Raz, Daniel Lazo
Concept, execution and VFX: Robot Genius

Director's Bio
Eran May-Raz is a writer, editor, camera wizard, evil genius, magician, and father of Dave the mighty dog.
Daniel Lazo is a visual FX specialist, designer, gamer, biker, and enjoys gardening.

Montebelo MWFilm Program I