Emmanuelle Grangier, Bi-Jia Yang, Ludovic Duhem, Samuel Roure, Théo Segonds, Leos Ator, Poppy


Poppy N+Z is a performance for a dancer, a Poppy robot, a philosopher and a musician who live together, observe each other and interact on stage. Designed and built in collaboration with researchers in developmental robotics at the Flowers Lab, the project is a collective production developed through exchanges between artists and scientists. Poppy N+Z emerges from a shared creative territory of different research processes, to discover points of intersection and explore how they can feed into each other, crossing the fields of dance, sound, performance, philosophy and science.

A project in collaboration with Flowers laboratory of INRIA in Bordeaux. Supported by the Dome (Bordeaux), the Cité des Sciences (Paris) and the Institut Français.