STATE Studio Exhibition Opening "The Age of the AI Artisans"

On October 3rd, STATE Studio introduces Age of the AI Artisans, an exhibition and event program of works at the intersection of art, science and technology that explore the current state of Artificial Intelligence and its application in the creative and artistic realm. What aspects of creativity can and do machines cover autonomously already today? What new types of interaction between man and machine are emerging from the rapidly accelerating pace of machine intelligence?

The exhibition features the premiere of the materializations of the AICAN algorithm, a computational creative system for art generation, developed by computer scientist Prof. Ahmed Elgammal at Rutgers University, and its first curated selection by Princeton art historian Emily L. Spratt. In addition, The Age of the AI Artisans presents the inaugural showing of Free Association by Mycroft, an AI installation for spontaneous interaction to visually reflect thoughts and feelings and leave the visitor with something to contemplate. Also part of the exhibition is Keep that Dream Burning, a video installation and experimental short film based on algorithmic compositions by Berlin­-based visual artist Rainer Kohlberger that invite its viewer on a journey through dramatic scenery consisting of flickering lights and floating electronic sounds.

The exhibition and event program is organized in collaboration with the Sister Cities of Los Angeles and benefits from the generous support of the Berlin Senate. It is part of STATE Festivals ongoing event series “STATE of AI” and is curated by Johanna T. Wallenborn and Dr. Christian Rauch.

Details on Exhibition


  • 6:30pm: doors open
  • 7-10pm: Event