CoE meetup: Secure Self-Hosted file distribution systems

Citizens of Evidence Meetup: Secure Self-Hosted file distribution systems for everyone


Part of the DNL Activation programme

In preparation of the Disruption Network Lab 17th conference Citizens of Evidence: Independent Investigations for Change (20-21 September 2019, Studio 1, Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien – We invite you to join us for a workshop by Danja Vasiliev and Sarah Grant of Radical Networks on how to set a self-hosted secure file sharing system.

Schedule & Program:

- Introduction to the next Disruption Network Lab event Citizens of Evidence: Independent Investigations for Change.
- Introduction to Radical Networks.
- Workshop.
- Drinks and networking.

Radical Networks is a conference that celebrates the free and open Internet, with hands-on workshops, speakers, and a gallery exhibiting artworks centered around radio and networking technology. Radical Networks is also an arts festival that considers networking technology as an artistic medium, featuring works that run the gamut from ethical hacks to creative experiments to live performances. This event brings together artists, activists, community organizers, journalists, technologists, educators, and the public, to exchange ideas and look under the hood of what makes the Internet work. Radical Networks is in its fifth year and is the first festival and conference of its kind in the United States. The next edition will take place October 18-20 at Prime Produce in NYC.


Workshop: Secure Self-Hosted file distribution systems for everyone

In this workshop, attendees will be lead through the process of configuring a Raspberry Pi as an offline web server and wireless access point. Participants will also learn how to set up a self-hosted installation of Nextcloud, an open source alternative to Google Drive and Dropbox, for collaborative file authorship, sharing and distribution. If time permits, participants will also be shown how to securely bring their Raspberry Pis online via a VPN configuration for allowing others to access their files over the internet.

Equipment needed:
- Your laptop
- USB->Ethernet adapter if needed
- A class 10 minimum 8GB microSD card
- Your cell phone wall charger
- A raspberry pi version 2 B+ or newer

- The workshop is free of admission and the number of seats is limited to 20. Booking is essential.
- To register, please write to with your name, a short description about your interest to attend the workshop and the operating system you will be running on (max 100 words).
- Let us know in your email if you have your own kit. We will be able to provide a limited number of kits (Raspberry Pi + Ethernet adapter) to borrow in the workshop: first come, first serve.
- Please make sure to attend the workshop if you confirm your availability. If you can't attend please inform us so we give your place to another participant from the waitlist.

Workshop instructors

Danja Vasiliev is a Critical Engineer born in Saint-Petersburg, currently living and working in Berlin. Vasiliev studies Systems and Networks through anti-disciplinary experimentation with hardware, firmware and software. Using computational platforms he engages in examination and exploitation of System and Network paradigms in both the physical and digital realms. Based on these findings, Vasiliev creates and exhibits works of Critical Engineering.

Sarah Grant is an American media artist and educator based in Berlin. With a focus on radio and computer networking, she researches and develops open source software, artworks as educational tools, and workshops that demystify computer networking technology. She organizes the Radical Networks conference in New York and Berlin, a community event and arts festival for people doing critical investigations and creative experiments with computer networking.