Farming the Uncanny Valley: Project Launch und Work in Progress

Farming the Uncanny Valley: Project Launch und Work in Progress Exhibition

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Farming the Uncanny Valley is a three-year interdisciplinary research project to test new formats of communication and participation in the bioeconomy.

We take the opening of the STATE Studio and the completion of our project website as an opportunity to present the project:

18.00 Presentation of the project and the project partners

19.00 Exhibition opening

At the inaugural STATE Studio exhibition Field Experiments, first prototypes of the resulting exhibits are shown. During the course of 2019, the methods and tools developed will be tested in a series of workshops with selected target groups and subsequently made accessible to the general public through an exhibition.

With works by Natsai Audrey Chieza (GB), Clemens Winkler (DE), Paul Ferragut (GB), Ann -Kristin Abel (GB), Łukasz Stopczynski (DE), Stefan Schwabe (DE) and Jannis Hülsen (DE).

Farming the Uncanny Valley

In Farming the Uncanny Valley, the feeling of discomfort with the emerging social change brought about by biotechnological developments is used as a starting point for a discourse and an invitation to help shape this social change. In the dialogue between designers and leading scientists, topics are identified and questions are formulated that express a shift in our values and concepts brought about by technological change. Design exhibits and interaction concepts based on these questions are used as tools to promote public discourse and to enable lay people to articulate desirable life with and use of these technologies.

The project was initiated by the Berlin University of the Arts and implemented in cooperation with Fraunhofer UMSICHT, STATE and YOU.SE. The project is funded by the Ministry of Education and Research.