AXNS Collective

AXNS Collective STATE 2016.jpg

Sat. 05.11, 11:00-12:00
Location: Floor 2 - Speaker Lounge

AXNS Collective is a not-for-profit, curatorial collective that explores intersections between art, neuroscience and technology (  The London-based collective is comprised of four women working across the arts and sciences: Rachel Bedder, a cognitive neuroscientist, Romy Lorenz, a cognitive neuroscientist and neuro-technologist; Miranda Marcus, a graphic designer and digital anthropologist and Rachel Stratton, an art historian and curator. The collective programme panel discussions, curate exhibitions, carry out workshops in museums and schools, and commission collaborative projects between artists, neuroscientists and technologist.

AXNS present a panel of experts to discuss the topic: 'Quantifying Aesthetic Emotions: What are the Implications for the Arts?' In the last decade, the interdisciplinary field of affective neuroscience has made monumental headway in the understanding of emotions and their related correlates in the brain. New technologies and state-of-the-art analyses methods (such as machine-learning and artificial intelligence) have been developed to recognise, interpret and process human affect through brain signals or the detection of facial micro-expressions. Within the field of affective neuroscience, neuroaesthetics is relatively young. It focuses on the study of aesthetic emotions including: beauty, awe, interest and chills. The panel will explore the artistic, sociological and ethical implications of quantifying aesthetic emotions. It will draw on new research coming out of the field and discuss the potential dangers of such technologies entering the commercial sphere.