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What's in a Feeling?

From animal models to magnetic resonance imaging, this panel gives an idea of how scientists attempt to understand the nature of affection.

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Tracking Emotions

Current technologies can track our position on the planet to the mood of our co-workers in the office. Trendy "Apps" come in the shape of friendly interfaces installed in portable devices posing no harm at first sight. But what happens when such technologies are used for marketing and commercial purposes?

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Reading: Wie wir lieben – vom Ende der Monogamie

Reading: "Wie wir lieben – vom Ende der Monogamie". We experience love that does not correspond to any theories. Karig tells the reader about men who are urgently longing for relationships and families, in contrary to all prejudices. About women who demand the maximum of liberty, without any ideological superstructure. About love that breathes freely. And about love that dies from all this self-discovery.

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