Algature Workshop

Algature Workshop
with Fara Peluso

credit: Anne Freitag

credit: Anne Freitag

Algae are the main oxygen producers on earth. They proceed a chlorophyll photosynthesis and contribute to the most fundamental biological processes for life on our planet.
How can we approach living organisms like algae not only in a scientific but also in an economic, political or artistic way? Which possibilities do they offer for a sustainable use and can we manipulate the factors that have conditioned our habits, society and choices?

Artist and designer Fara Peluso invites you to her Algature workshop combining DIY Biology and speculative design to deepen the discourse on the potential of algae for a more sustainable future. The session will start with an introduction by the artist and Solaga explaining the methods of scenario creation in possible futures by involving new technologies. In the second part each participant gets the possibility to develop a tool for the cultivation of algae - the photobioreactor. Key player will be the Spirulina blue-green microalgae, which is one of the oldest organisms on earth but better known as a so called superfood.

Each workshop participant will be equipped with a algae culture, a flask and an oxygen pump to take home to cultivate their own algae cultures.

The workshop forms part of the Living Canvas, a project realized in cooperation with Solaga and supported by innogy Foundation. Living Canvas is part of Field Experiments - Laboratory for Science, Art and Society, the ongoing exhibition series at STATE Studio.


Date: 12 March 2019
Time: Exhibition opened from 12 pm, workshop starts at 7:00 pm, ends 9:30 pm

Workshop fee incl. Materials and home algae kit: 30,00 EUR