Urban Creativity: Berlin - Los Angeles

Like few other cities, Berlin and Los Angeles stand for freedom, creative rebellion and a willingness to experiment. Free urban spaces were and are the alcoves in which these values are lived and developed. They are the breeding ground for the development of new creative approaches within culture and society, and are more than just experimental spaces for social utopias.

The panel discussion „Frei:Räume“ discusses the role which protected niches and free spaces in the city take as catalysts for fostering new cultural, creative and societal models. Within this framework, we look at the development of Berlin and Los Angeles in that context through presenting selected initiatives in both cities. These presentations serve as a starting point for discussing similarities and differences in the urban development of Los Angeles and Berlin and to identify opportunities of how to learn from each other.



This program was part of Berlin Lab in Los Angeles, during the celebration 50th anniversary of sister cities Berlin and LA. Date: October 5, 2017, 4:30–6 pm. Location: Berlin Lab at Lot 613, 613 Imperial St, Los Angeles.