The development of Artificial Intelligence is arguably one of the greatest revolutions in the history of mankind. And we are just on the brink of it. Accelerating in an exponential pace, the technological advancements in this field over the next decade – and how we will deal with them as a society – will majorly define and shape our future.

From curing cancer, over securing food safety for a growing global population, to solving climate change: Artificial Intelligence may provide key solutions to tackle many of humanities most pressing challenges.

However, the risks and dangers inherent in the development of this most powerful technology become increasingly apparent at the same time, and a growing community of researchers voice their concerns over an unregulated development of AI. 

    Realizing our bold hopes and ambitions while avoiding dangerous scenarios will not be possible through scientific developments alone. Public participation, creative experimentation and an open and reflected dialogue with a broader public are central in order to leverage its full potential.

    A global community of innovators - the future Artisans of Artificial Intelligence - researchers, artists, thinkers, entrepreneurs, technologists, hackers, citizens – experts and non-experts alike – will play a major role in expanding the horizon of future opportunities, providing accessibility, raising awareness, exploring opportunities and risks and creating meaningful applications from this groundbreaking technology. 



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